4 Etiquette rules for attending a beach wedding

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4 Etiquette rules for attending a beach wedding

Beach wedding etiquette concerns not only the spouses, but everyone involved. Guests have precise rules and a dress code to stitch to. But don't worry, at matlali.com we will show some these rules, so you can make a good impression.

4 Beach Wedding Etiquette rules

Understanding how to dress for a beach wedding can be a bit complicated, but with these etiquette rules you won't have any problem or impediment to look appropriate for the occasion.

1- Short dresses in the day, long ones at night

The kind of dress to wear for a beach wedding depends a lot on the schedule: day or night? It is definitely necessary to wear a short dress if the ceremony is before 6pm and long one if it is an evening reception, because the sand can become irritating during the hottest hours and it can stick to the long dress. 

In any case, opt for a dress in a light and natural fabric. You can even wear plunging necklines, both for either the front or the back, keeping in mind that you are at the beach!

2- Apply sea colors to your outfit

Colors are an important theme when attending a beach wedding. What color should the dress be? If the bride and groom don’t give indications about the theme, the best choice is for your color palette to have the shades of the sea, such as turquoise, light blue, blue, water green, but also the yellow of the sun and the gold of the sand. 

On the other hand, the fact that your friends or relatives are having a seaside wedding doesn’t mean that you can wear prints, stripes, shells or other similar deco, not even if they are navy blue. This doesn’t fit very well with the scenery.

3- Wearing strictly flat sandals

Everything becomes a more complex matter when it comes to shoes. There's no point in wanting to wear stilettos and the like: you would risk not only sinking into the sand, but also ruining the party. 

Walking in heels on cobblestones is not chic at all. It's better to opt for a pair of low-cut sandals, which are perfect from dawn to dusk.

4- Sunglasses for the day, scarf for the night.

It is important to also consider how to accessorize your attire. In a seaside wedding look you can't miss some must-haves: During the day, sunglasses to avoid the "crow's feet" effect due to the strong sun. In the evening, don't forget a stole or a light and minimalist scarf to wrap around your shoulders in case of a breeze.

And remember that, after celebrating a beach wedding at Grand Matlali Hills Resort & Spa, you can enjoy a vacation of total relaxation and tranquility. With us, you will be able to give yourself a dreamy break. Come and enjoy everything that we have to offer.


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