Petite weddings have come to stay.

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Petite weddings have come to stay.

Every year trends evolve and change, and without a doubt the last two years have changed the world in a way that no one could have imagined. With this twist, parties and weddings also went through a transformation. Little by little, petite weddings started to make their way among the bride and groom who now want to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives... Do you want to know what they consist of? At Matlali we tell you all about it! 

What are petite weddings?

Intimacy is the key word for this type of weddings, they say that less is more, and petite weddings prove it.

This style will allow you to personalize even more all the details that surround one of the best days of your life, from the menu, the organization of places, the decoration, every detail will enjoy all its essence as a couple.

In addition to reducing the budget that would be invested in a big wedding, choosing a petite ceremony has its advantages, find out what they are!

Reasons to choose a Petite wedding 

  • You will be able to personalize every detail of your wedding, you will even be allowed to show off by making personalized souvenirs. 
  • Since your budget will be smaller, you can invest in a longer honeymoon or in that dress you've been dreaming of. 
  • Say no to compromise invitations, forget about inviting the cousin you see once a year, intimacy will be the protagonist of this type of weddings. 
  • The intimacy of a petite wedding will allow you to share more with all your guests.
  • Imagine a long table where you can share the menu and a good conversation with all your guests, no more jumping from table to table without tasting a bite. 
  • You will be able to better comply with the security measures that these last years have made us have. 

Celebrate your petite wedding in Matlali 

Imagine joining your life with the person you love in front of a breathtaking sunset on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, with the soft sand brushing against your feet and the sea breeze blowing across your face. It is a scenario you will remember for the rest of your life. This can be possible thanks to Gran Matlali and our beach club Eva Mandarina. Give a 180° turn to this celebration and make it more yours, let our experts start planning the day of your dreams, say yes to Grand Matlali. 


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