The bioluminescence season arrives to the beaches of Riviera Nayarit.

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The bioluminescence season arrives to the beaches of Riviera Nayarit.

Traveling to the beach during the summer is fantastic, those sunny days when the sea cools the body more than ever. Or sitting at a beach club and enjoying a refreshing drink while the breeze comes from the sea. 

If you still haven't decided which beach you are going to travel to, we have already told you about all the advantages Riviera Nayarit has over other beach destinations. Today we are going to give you another reason to travel to our beaches during the summer, and it is another reason why this region is unique in Mexico.

In the summer the beaches of Riviera Nayarit present a phenomenon that seems to be the work of magic and the beaches shine with their own light during the night. Read on as we tell you what this phenomenon consists of, when and where you can see it.

Bucerías beach is witness to this magical period

Between August and November, the beaches of Riviera Nayarit acquire their own light due to a natural phenomenon called luminescence. Luminescence causes the seashore to present a very peculiar glow. Witnessing this will make you feel like you are in a dream. One of the best places to witness this is the beach in the town of Bucerías, Nayarit.

Riviera Nayarit is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Occidental and during the summer, the rains turn the mountains a spectacular green. But that is not the only magical thing that the rains bring, according to some scientific studies the rains provoke a chemical process in microorganisms present in the sea that generates that bluish glow in the sea.

To witness this on your next visit to Riviera Nayarit, the best place is Bucerías. A town that we have already told you about, but that never ceases to amaze us. There is a strip of the beach that is away from the light of the hotels and is where the luminescence can be seen more clearly. 

You should know that you will only be able to observe this glowing sea effect at night. Come and observe the luminescence and take with you an unforgettable memory.

Grand Matlali Hills, an all-inclusive hotel in Bucerías 

If you are looking for a place close to Bucerías to be able to observe the luminescence, Grand Matlali Hills is an excellent option for you. The hotel is located in its own nature reserve, a 5-minute drive from Bucerias beach. During the day you can enjoy the green landscapes of the Sierra Madre and at night you can go to see the bioluminescence in Bucerías.

Besides being surrounded by nature, Gran Matlali Hills is an all-inclusive hotel in Riviera Nayarit that stands out from the rest for its quality facilities. We have several pools for you and your loved ones to enjoy, including a natural pool for adults, filled with water directly from the mountains.

Before heading out on an adventure, we have several restaurants and bars where you can satisfy your hunger or have a drink before heading out to see the bioluminescence in the sea. You will always have something to do or explore in and around our hotel.

Now that you know where and when to see the bioluminescence in Riviera Nayarit, don't wait any longer and book your place in our hotel, and get ready to see the sea like you've never seen it before.


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